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Fif­te­en years of ide­as

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A per­so­nal review // first of all: con­cept rules // two back­grounds: com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and eco­no­mics // three pas­si­ons: stra­te­gy, bran­ding and design // four let­ters make the dif­fe­rence: i‑d-e‑a // five years min to build up an image, five minu­tes max to des­troy it // sixpack – busi­ness isn’t ever­ything // seven cau­ses for all human actions: chan­ce, natu­re, com­pul­si­on, pas­si­on, rea­son, habit, desi­re  // eight days a week if necessa­ry // nine peop­le can­not make a baby in a month // ten nine, eight… if you’­re […]